Tuesday, 6 October 2009

125 Magazine

Definitely a magazine that if you haven't already found, your missing out on. Printed quarterly, the magazine specializes in the best photographers, artists, and creative thinkers of the present to put together a mix of takes on certain topics. This month it was luxury. The budget and expertise exhibited in their photos are nothing short of fantastic, developing a creative lust to experiment in design for everyone. 125 also have interviews with Katherine Hamnett and Quentin Mackay, a feature on Chanel and an in depth retrospective with fashion photography supremo Glen Luchford Luxury Issue

Sunday, 4 October 2009


CACAO, by Poland based photographer working for GAAP Studio. STUNNING Images, another one to watch.

Colours of India

The photos shown here are a documentation of Holi, (Festival of Colors) a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India, Nepal,Bangladesh. During this holiday everyone is suppose to wear white and throw themselves in colored powder which dies their clothes, skin and anything it touches.

The powerful images overwhelm you with color, definitely keeping up to date with Poras Chaudhary.

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Monograph is Creative Review’s free monthly publication exclusively for subscribers. They like to see it as a thank you to their readership for their loyalty. Creative review was the first magazine to introduce, way back in 1995, a free monthly CD-Rom which brought a whole new medium to news stands; it was a revolution. Eight years on, the World Wide Web having expanded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, and the CD-Rom format had become extraneous: much of what it offered was readily available on YouTube and websites, it was no longer a forward thinking device and so CR sat and scratched their heads and decided to strip it all back and give a gift of real tangible delight, once again leading a revolution...

In a digital era nothing is sacred, the internet devours all and regurgitates through the monitors of millions of flat, radiating computer screens all generic. Nothing is special or unique or something to treasure. Printed press is becoming a designers’ delicacy and CR, recognising this, gave us Monograph. The charm is in its simplicity. These little A5 gems are as collectable as pristinely packaged Star Wars action figures. They are souvenirs of the modern age; each one a personal project printed, with refinement, on crisp gloss and pressed together between thick chromatic greys with foil emboss. Shown here is January’s issue which featured wonderful images of Japanese Dekatori by photographer Satoshi Minakawa that left a real impression on me. The publications are intended to be inspiring explorations of new ideas where quality of image and production are at the forefront.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Kirstin Prisk

Photoshoot for Plain lazy, Prisk has managed to capture more than just the process of production in the factory. He writes that he is pleased to 'capture more emphasis on the essence, atmosphere, & character of the factory, and it’s craftsmen.'

These particular photo's caught my eye as they haven't been taken in the usual manner, you feel as if they have been taken by an inquisitive child seeing a shaping studio for the first time. Watching the shaper work, while gazing in awe at the state he's allowed to build up around him. Prisk has as he stated captured more than the process of the factory, he's found character and work ethics amongst the work station.

Beach Culture

Legible magazine design??? Quality aesthetic design or targeted towards such a small target audience that only a few selected and intended audience members appreciate this work. Meet David Carson:

6 Mill

With a response to my previous article on CR's new production Monograph, Six Hundred Millimeters produces a new spin towards online magazine viewing, yes, not a new movement, but the magazine certainly hasn't been laid out in the normal conventional manner. With a small but powerful production team, this magazine isn't to be sniffed at, but something to be influenced by.

Art Brewer

Interview with Surf Photographer Art Brewer from The Surfer's Journal on Vimeo.

In this interview photographic legend Art Brewer for The Surfer's Journal takes us through a few of his thoughts and feelings, his introduction into the world of surf photography and basically gives us a guided tour. Interesting little video with an interesting end quote:
'It's all been done before, but why not keep trying to do it different.'